The Songs of Rest, Mvt. III / Giveaway


C’mon and slam and welcome to the Songs of Rest! For this week’s bardlibs we’ve got a medley of Adventure Time tunes and the Space Jam theme song, and it’s definitely a jam. Thank you again to everyone who submitted words!

We also selected two more winners for the giveaway! Remember to just like & retweet the post we’re putting up on Twitter at around 9am-10am CST on July 10th (and we’ll pin it to our profile, too) to be entered in the drawing we do next episode for some stickers and a signed print of the Chaos Sause Vol. 1 album cover art.

To submit your suggestions for the bardlibs, use the hashtag #bardlibs on twitter, tag us, or email your suggestions to

As always, hit up and for more bomBARDed action, and enjoy this week’s bardlibs!

Adventure Time Theme Song, by Pendleton Ward & Casey Basichis

Fry Song, by Rebecca Sugar

Christmas Island or Island Song, by Ashley Eriksson

Space Jam Theme Song, by Quad City DJ’s