bomBARDed is OUT!


bomBARDed is here! bomBARDed is here! Huzzah! The very first episode of our musical Dungeons & Dragons podcast is now available on iTunes, Google Play, and Podbean. To give you an idea of what it’s about: it follows the tale of 3 bards (Ali, Spurrier, and Goodrich) in the land of Beetzart, which Kyle (our Dungeon Master) has created. Naturally, being bards, we play our instruments to cast spells and such. AND, in addition to all of that, we have chord dice that we are using to write a random song each episode. It’s been really fun to create all of this, and we are so PUMPED to finally get it out to all of you.

If you have a moment, it would mean the world to us if you went into iTunes or the podcast app and rated/reviewed/subscribed to the podcast so that we can get the ball rolling and climb up the ol’ iTunes charts. If you have Google Play on an Android, please subscribe to the podcast (in both platforms, just search for “bomBARDed”).

Also, you can go ahead and listen to the episode here!

Enthused, He Is!


We love going to shows. Granted, most of the time we’re playing in them, but when when all of us (Lindby) go to see other people perform, whether they’re local or big-name touring acts, there is a certain “Je ne sais quoi” about them. We spend hours and hours preparing material for our own shows and when we see other people get up in front of a crowd and show what they have spent hours and hours preparing, there is a certain appreciation that we feel watching them pour their soul out into music for others to enjoy the way that we do. That in turn inspires us to go back and revamp songs, rethink set lists, and rework a some musical elements that were maybe half-baked and waiting for the right moment to be reinvented in a better way.

But inspiration strikes everyone differently.

Enter Jordan Buford. He is the writer over at The Music Enthusiast concert review blog. Jordan writes superbly in-depth reviews of concerts in the DFW area and is a seasoned veteran, having been reviewing shows since 2006 (you can read his full bio HERE)! Where our friends over at Fort Live primarily cover Forth Worth shows and only dabble in Dallas happenings, Jordan is quite the opposite. He covers mostly Dallas shows (due his proximity to the city) and handles Fort Worth goings-on from time to time. Nevertheless, he is FANTASTIC at what he does! His style of reviews is in a “play-by-play” format, which gives the reader the most in-depth look at the concert he is covering. Not only that, but his posts are informative AND interesting-qualities that some blogs only half muster.

In addition to The Music Enthusiast blog, Jordan also does a podcast over at the Whiskeyboy Radio Network that you can (and should) subscribe to HERE. We have been featured on the podcast multiple times (including his LATEST EPISODE) and HIGHLY recommend it if you are looking to discover new music from the DFW area.

Lastly, but definitely not least-ly, Jordan was gracious enough to take time out of his crazy schedule to sit down, listen to Erikson, and do one of his play-by-play overviews of it (CHECK IT OUT HERE!!). And when I say “play-by-play,” I mean he literally give his take on each song on the album. Music Enthusiast? Most definitely! Jordan doesn’t write many album reviews because he is so insanely busy covering live shows and keeping track of who is playing where and all that business, so when we saw the coverage that he did of our album, we were astounded that he gave it such a close listen! Our collective hats are off to you, Mr. Buford. It is abundantly clear that you love what you do and your passion for music shines through in your work. Just like we are inspired to create music when we hear it, Jordan is inspired to write. And mighty fine writing it is!

If you want to connect with Jordan and follow what he’s doing online (which you DEFINITELY should!), here is where you can find him on the interwebs:

Official Site: The Music Enthusiast
Facebook (TME): TheMusicEnthusiast
Facebook (personal): Jordan Buford
Twitter: The Music Enthusiast
Reverbnation: The Music Enthusiast
Subscribe to Podcasts on iTunes HERE or listen to them on Whiskeyboy Radio HERE

Features in Places!


Lindby has been featured in two different places on the world wide web in the past week. Both are places you might enjoy, so check ’em out and see what you think! Here they are:

The first is a blog called Unsigned Corner. They feature unsigned bands, tell a little about them, and give their takeaway on the group. In addition to Lindby being featured there, there are some awesome acts from all around the USA and beyond. Check it out “HERE”

The second is a podcast by Jordan Buford called “The Music Enthusiast.” In Episode 31 he features Lindby alongside some other great DFW acts such as Moonlight Social, The Will Callers, and Rainchild. It’s a great podcast in which he plays tunes from each band and talks a little about them and their upcoming shows.


That’s all for now! But stay tuned, more Lindby features and updates are very soon to come!