Lindby Performing as Ween for 2016 FW Rock Assembly


It’s Fort Worth Rock Assembly time again! This will be our fourth time rocking out at the festival, and after two years of David Bowie and one year as Creedence Clearwater Revival, we’re going in more of a modern and crazy direction with WEEN! Ween is one of Kyle and Ali’s favorite bands of all time, as well as our guest frontman’s, Zach Mayo (that’s CAPTAIN Mayo to all you landlubbers out there). Zach will be shredding and singing on most of the tunes, while the rest of us set up the musical sandbox for him to play in. It’s going to be rad! The show is going to be at The Grotto on Thursday, November 10th. Here’s the lineup for that night:

9pm NR/CD as Tenacious D
10pm Lindby as Ween
11pm Reagan James as Amy Winehouse

And here’s the lineup for the rest of the weekend:

Friday 11/11:
8:30 The Big Empty as Stone Temple Pilots
9:30 #FountainsofShame as Fountains of Wayne
10:30 #Drinkubus as Incubus
11:30 #Banned as Toadies
12:30 Holy Moly as Primus

Saturday 11/12:
1:00 School of Rock Fort Worth
2:00 #PolyWagStew -Beastie Boys outside
2:45 SAM of the Universe- Elvis Presley inside
3:30 Lean Out Boys- Chuck Berry outside
4:15 Caliche Burnout- Thin Lizzy inside
5:00 Hightower Band- Tom Petty outside
5:45 The Gypsy Bravado- Led Zeppelin inside
6:30 Big Red Ants- Jimi Hendrix outside
7:15 Mean Motor Scooter- Ramones inside
8:00 Bogus Green- Dead Kennedys outside
9:00 Dead Mockingbirds- Alice Cooper inside
10:00 Moon Waves B-52s inside
11:00 ROAR SHACK- The Cure inside
12:00 Big Michael Richardson and others- INXS inside

1:00 Impulse OfWill Jeff Beck
2:00 Alexandria Rhea- Cat Stevens
3:00 Joe George- George Harrison
4:00 Lord North- Rolling Stones
5:00 #Animals- Pink Floyd
6:00 Travis Tripp Mathis- The Band

For more info, check out the Facebook event HERE. Cya at the assembly!

Rock Assembly & 8-bit Bonanza Videos


Heidi-ho, neighborinos!

The last couple of months have been CRAZY busy for us here at Lindby HQ, but it has been wonderful all the same. We’ve been spending most of our time in the studio (check out The Lindby Bandcamp Page to see what we’ve been up to…and expect a post about it soon!), but we’ve also been playing a lot of shows and meeting tons of fantastic new folks!

Here now, for your enjoyment, are some videos of us performing at the Fort Worth Rock Assembly II, covering the music of David Bowie. We had a BLAST! In addition to that, we’ve also got a couple of videos of us at the 8-bit Bonanza, including one that features our good friend Doug Funnie! So check ’em out, enjoy this awesome weather we’ve been having, and love your mother!


(Click each picture below to view the video!)

Space Oddity:
Space Oddity
Ziggy Stardust:
Moonage Daydream:
Peanuts by Doug Funnie Featuring Lindby:
Super Mario Super Show Theme:
Super Mario Super SHow

A Festivus of Festivals


The days are growing shorter, the nights are getting cooler (well, sort of), and three of the most dreaded words in western civilization are starting to be seen everywhere. “Back. To. SCHOOL.”

Well, we here at Lindby HQ have great news to ease the end-of-summer/back-to-edjumacation blues. This September, we are going to be playing in two amazing festivals, right here in good ol’ Fort Worth! Here are the details for each:

1 Full Poster
This 3-day long festival will have some of the sweetest Fort Worth acts covering your favorite artists from 1965-1985.
It’s the The Music of….
Led Zeppelin, The Velvet Under Ground, The Cars
The Kinks, The Doors, Cheap Trick, Pink Floyd
The Who, Townes Van Zandt, The Clash, Joy Division
Rod Stewart, Elvis Presley, E.L.O.
Joan Jett and The Black Hearts
The Beatles, The Cure, The Beach Boys
13th Floor Elevators, Phil Collins / Genesis
Elvis Costello, Cream, Deep Purple
Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Police, R.E.M.
Blondie, David Bowie, Big Star, and The Violent Femmes

Who is covering who? Well that is a big, fat secret! You have to come out to the festival to find out! See the set times on the poster for when everyone is playing (Lindby is 9pm on Saturday the 7th) and check out the facebook event for more details HERE

The other festival we will be playing at is

Clearfork Music Festival

This one-day festival will be taking place on September 21st at the Heart of the Ranch at Clearfork. The lineup shall be:

He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister (LA)
Whiskey Folk
Leopold and His Fiction (ATX)
The Hanna Barbarians
Foxtrot Uniform
The Birds of Night (Denton)
The Effinays (Dallas)
Animal Spirit
The Longshots
Un Chien
Year of the Bear
Royal Savages
Jordan Franz
Frisky Volcanic
(Frisky Disco + Panic Volcanic)
Stew Moss
+Special Guests

We are honored to share the stage with so much talent! This festival is going to be a blast, so be sure to getcha some tickets and head out! For more info (including precise set times and other information) check out and give them and Keep Texas Live (who is putting this whole shindig together) a like on Facebook HERE and HERE, respectively.

So there you have it! We are beyond excited to be playing both of these festivals, and we can’t wait to see everyone at them (good music, good friends-what more could you ask for?). So take a break from getting back to book-learnin’ and come out and see some rock and roll! Catch you later!