Happy Christmas from Lindby! Here is a free, 5-song EP of us covering some of our favorite Christmas tunes. Thank you everyone for supporting us and check out some of the other musicians who were involved in the EP! They are all wonderful artists and incredible people!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
released December 6, 2012

Lindby is:

Nick Spurrier: Vocals, Piano, Keyboards

Nick Goodrich: Vocals, Guitar

Ali Grant: Vocals

Kyle Claset: Bass, Vocals

Tanner Brown: Drums

Special Credits for “Happy Christmas (War is Over):

We would like to give a very special thanks to all of the musicians involved in the making of “Happy Christmas (War is Over).” We couldn’t have done it without you!


Tim Locke (from Calhoun)
Meghann Moore (from The Breakfast Machine)
Jody Jones
Larry g(EE)
Josh Weathers

Group Vocalists:

Ansley Dougherty (from Panic Volcanic)
Brandon Reynolds (from The Breakfast Machine)
Tyler Vela (from The Frisky Disco)
Jonnie Mans (from The Frisky Disco)
Riley Knight (from We’rewolves)
Steph Buchanan (The Diabolical Machines)
Kevin Buchanan (The Diabolical Machines)
Katie Robertson (from Vanilla Face Jones)
Josh Garcia (from Kites and Boomerangs)
Eoin Donovan (from Kites and Boomerangs)
William Appleton (from Kites and Boomerangs)
Mandy Hand (The More You Know)
Sloan Clark (from The More You Know)
Katy Webb (from Slumberbuzz)
Matt Webb (from Webbed, and Jordan Franz)
Nathan Lamers (from Trailer Park Princess, and Nathan Lamers)
Aaron Knight (from Blackbox Presents)

Jeff Dazey (Josh Weathers Band, Gunga Galunga, EPIC RUINS, Rick Stitzel’s TCC Jazz Band, Dazey Chain, and The End of the World Parade) – saxophone

Daniel Taylor – percussion

And a very special thanks to Aaron Knight and Jamie Kinser from Blackbox Presents for helping us plan and organize this crazy ride. You guys ROCK!

Drums on “The Christmas Song”- Daniel Taylor

Recorded and Mixed by Nick Goodrich

Mastered by Jeff Lowes at OTR Mastering