Lindby Presents: Holidays With The Hendersons


Season’s Greetings from all of us here at Lindby HQ!

After months of planning, preparing, practicing, and playing the material for this year’s Christmas EP, the time has finally come to release it to all of you! This year we teamed up with The Hendersons to bring you a mix of tunes, from a ditty about Christmas in Killarney, to a tune about some favorite things, to a chipmunk classic. And, we also have an electronic collaboration with tanner4105! Here is “Lindby Presents: Holidays With The Hendersons” for you to enjoy!

“Counter Points” Live On Our YouTube Channel


The release of our video series, Counter Points, is finally nigh! Huzzah! During each episode, we take some time apart from our writing/recording/playing of music to discuss a topic that one of us brings to the table. We are going to be releasing a new episode every other week, and here are the links to the first two videos:

Episode 1 – Star Wars Lasers

Episode 2 – CRISPR

Let us know if there any topics you would like us to discuss in between our musical endeavors, enjoy the ones we’ve already released, and look forward to many more in the future!

Love, Lindby


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Lindby Performing as Ween for 2016 FW Rock Assembly


It’s Fort Worth Rock Assembly time again! This will be our fourth time rocking out at the festival, and after two years of David Bowie and one year as Creedence Clearwater Revival, we’re going in more of a modern and crazy direction with WEEN! Ween is one of Kyle and Ali’s favorite bands of all time, as well as our guest frontman’s, Zach Mayo (that’s CAPTAIN Mayo to all you landlubbers out there). Zach will be shredding and singing on most of the tunes, while the rest of us set up the musical sandbox for him to play in. It’s going to be rad! The show is going to be at The Grotto on Thursday, November 10th. Here’s the lineup for that night:

9pm NR/CD as Tenacious D
10pm Lindby as Ween
11pm Reagan James as Amy Winehouse

And here’s the lineup for the rest of the weekend:

Friday 11/11:
8:30 The Big Empty as Stone Temple Pilots
9:30 #FountainsofShame as Fountains of Wayne
10:30 #Drinkubus as Incubus
11:30 #Banned as Toadies
12:30 Holy Moly as Primus

Saturday 11/12:
1:00 School of Rock Fort Worth
2:00 #PolyWagStew -Beastie Boys outside
2:45 SAM of the Universe- Elvis Presley inside
3:30 Lean Out Boys- Chuck Berry outside
4:15 Caliche Burnout- Thin Lizzy inside
5:00 Hightower Band- Tom Petty outside
5:45 The Gypsy Bravado- Led Zeppelin inside
6:30 Big Red Ants- Jimi Hendrix outside
7:15 Mean Motor Scooter- Ramones inside
8:00 Bogus Green- Dead Kennedys outside
9:00 Dead Mockingbirds- Alice Cooper inside
10:00 Moon Waves B-52s inside
11:00 ROAR SHACK- The Cure inside
12:00 Big Michael Richardson and others- INXS inside

1:00 Impulse OfWill Jeff Beck
2:00 Alexandria Rhea- Cat Stevens
3:00 Joe George- George Harrison
4:00 Lord North- Rolling Stones
5:00 #Animals- Pink Floyd
6:00 Travis Tripp Mathis- The Band

For more info, check out the Facebook event HERE. Cya at the assembly!

Fred Jones Part 2


Hello everybody!

Before we release our second Green Audio EP next month, we wanted to share something special with all of you! “Fred Jones Part 2” is a tune by Ben Folds which we used to cover all the time at shows in college, and have always loved to listen to and play. Here is a recording of the song that we started while recording “Drive” and just recently got around to finishing.

You can listen to and download the song HERE.

Hope you enjoy it!

Conifer Loves Music!


Happy Olympics, everyone! This time of year always reminds us of the time The United States took on the world in MXC, emerging victorious by a unanimous vote at Takeshi’s Castle, but that’s besides the point. We’re here to share some exciting news with you-Lindby is going to be traveling to the town of Conifer, Colorado this November to play at the Conifer Loves Music music festival! But before we talk about that, let us take you back a few years *insert Wayne’s World “Beedooladoo Beedooladoo Beedooladoo” time traveling sound FX and gestures.”

Back in Lindby’s college days at UTA, before Kyle was whooping the bass and Ali was belting/keyboarding it out and for Lindby, the makeup (and not to mention the sound) of Lindby was vastly different. The lineup included Spurrier on keys (and occasionally guitar), Goodrich on guitar (and occasionally bass guitar), and one of our close friends, David McGinnis (currently a writer for Fellowship of the Screen), was playing drums. ALL of us sang, which became our pseudo calling card when we would call venues to play-we’re a three piece group with a keyboard and 3 vocalists! Nifty!

Anyways, when we met David (through his awesome girlfriend and now wife, Jackie, who studied in the music department with us, lived across the hall from Goodrich, and also played viola on some of the earlier Lindby tracks), he told us about a long-time friend of his named Tyler Phillips, who was (and still very, VERY much is) a musician, and that we should totally meet him at some point.

Our chance finally came when we were invited to open up for Tyler’s band at The Cove down in San Antonio. We were to play a normal set, and then join Tyler for a few songs onstage during his set. We went up, did our thing, felt pretty good about it, and then settled in to watch Tyler’s band.

We were blown away. Tyler and his band were all on point, they were all having a blast onstage, and each song was as unique as the one before it. Not to mention the energy and emotion in each tune was through the roof, so when it was our turn to join Tyler onstage, we had the time of our lives!

No to mention, a few years down the line, Spurrier and Goodrich joined Tyler onstage yet again, but this time for David and Jackie’s wedding! Huzzah! Tada, Tada forever! Watching David cut the wedding cake with The Flame of the West, Andúril, will always be remembered by the three of us for sure. And singing “You Ain’t Going Nowhere,” “Don’t Let Me Down,” “Helpless,” and so many other awesome tunes at the wedding reception. And Spurrier paying Ben Folds as Jackie walked down the isle…SO MANY MEMORIES. Needless to say, David, Jackie, Tyler, and even David’s immediate family (what with how often we crashed at their place/played games with them when paying in San Antonio) are like family to us, so we cannot WAIT to have good times again with a member of the “San Antonio crew” this November!

But that’s enough reminiscing about the old days (old Lindby fans may even remember when the five of us were three). We’re here to tell you about…THE FUTURE!

As said before, Conifer Loves Music is a music festival that the aforementioned Tyler Phillips is putting on in Conifer, Colorado. Here is a little bit about the festival (from the website):

The Conifer Loves Music Series is a collaboration between Tyler Phillips, owner and operator of Water Pig Music, and StageDoor Theatre. The series features the best of the Denver Metro Area’s musical talented paired with award-winning and critically acclaimed acts from other parts of North America in a highly curated season focused on offering both musicians and audiences with a comfortable and music-focused alternative to the often noisy and over-saturated club scene. StageDoor’s theatre-style seating is limited and puts the audience member face to face with the provocative storytelling of the artists on our 2016-17 CLM roster. While finding its heart in the resurgence of folk and Americana, CLM’s inaugural season includes genre defying acts like Terri Hendrix and Lloyd Maines, The Will Owen-Gage Trio, and Chris Velan whose unique sounds have been enjoyed by international audiences.

Lindby will be playing with Tyler’s band, The Winchester Local, on November 18 & 19 at 7pm. It is going to be an amazing evening of fun, friends, and music, so if you or anyone you know are going to be in the Denver (more specifically Southwest Denver) area around that time, stop on in and catch the show! It’s going to be a blast and we cannot wait to play for everyone up in the ol Rockies!


Lindby and Leon Bridges win in the FW Weekly Music Awards


Hip hip hooray! We are excited to announce that our remixed tanner 4105) collaboration with Leon Bridges, “Merry Christmas, Baby (ft Leon Bridges & Ali Grant),” won “Song of the Year” in the 2016 Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards!

Also, Ali and Leon each won “Best Vocal Performance” for their vocal performances on the tune! Woohoo!

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who voted for us, The Fort Worth Weekly, and an extra-special, mega-HUGE thank you to Leon Bridges, to whom we owe these awards. Thank you for being an amazing human being, and for taking the time to record this tune with us. We are honored to have been given the opportunity to work with you!

Also, a special thanks from all of the fellas of Lindby to our leading lady, Ali! You always rock the mic when you gots it, and are always helping us improve our vocals. You the WOMAN! Congrats on your award, homie(tte?)!

Below are a couple of photos from the Awards Ceremony. Thanks again for everyone’s support, and as always, stay tuned for more updates and love your mother!


Lindby Nominations for 2016 FW Weekly Music Awards


What a craziness! We are so honored to be nominated in multiple categories in this year’s Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards! Below is a rundown for what we have been nominated for:

BEST POP ACT – Lindby!
BEST “OTHER PERFORMANCE” – Nick Spurrier, keys (Lindby), “Trepak (Russian Dance)”
BEST VOCALIST PERFORMANCE – Leon Bridges, Ali Grant (Lindby) “Merry Christmas, Baby”
SONG OF THE YEAR – “Merry Christmas, Baby ft. Leon Bridges and Ali Grant (tanner4105 remix),” Lindby
EP OF THE YEAR – Dashing to the Show, Lindby

And below are some of our friends who helped us out on our projects who were also nominated!

BEST VOCALIST PERFORMANCE – Luke Wade w/ Lindby, “White Christmas”
BEST “OTHER PERFORMANCE” – Mark Smith, Haley Woodrow, Jonathan Woodrow, horns (Lindby), “Spread the Jam”

Woohoo! We are definitely feeling the love at Lindby HQ! Take some time out of your day and vote for something really special…and then vote for Lindby in the FW Weekly Music Awards! HA! But seriously, we would really appreciate a vote in any or all of the categories we’ve been nominated. We have had a blast making everything we’ve been nominated for, and can’t wait to share what we’re working on next! w00000t!!!


PS – In case you missed it, here is the link to cast your vote: Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards 2016 Ballot