Ep. 7 – Getting Schooled, Mvt. III


The bards are in a pickle this time! How will they manage getting out of the basement and what could be the next assignment they receive? This episode’s got some real low end to it, so buckle up! 

Ep. 6 – Getting Schooled, Mvt. II


Mysteries are uncovered and solved, only to reveal even more mysteries at Strumlotts! The bards run into someone they haven’t seen in a while, and explore new parts of the school. Many things are found, but will the bards also find their way into another jam? Well…probably!

Ep. 4 – Tuning Up, Mvt. III


Will the bards figure out a way out of Wesley’s chambers? Will they make it back to Strumlotts? Will they finally come up with a band name? Tune in to find out!

bomBARDed is OUT!


bomBARDed is here! bomBARDed is here! Huzzah! The very first episode of our musical Dungeons & Dragons podcast is now available on iTunes, Google Play, and Podbean. To give you an idea of what it’s about: it follows the tale of 3 bards (Ali, Spurrier, and Goodrich) in the land of Beetzart, which Kyle (our Dungeon Master) has created. Naturally, being bards, we play our instruments to cast spells and such. AND, in addition to all of that, we have chord dice that we are using to write a random song each episode. It’s been really fun to create all of this, and we are so PUMPED to finally get it out to all of you.

If you have a moment, it would mean the world to us if you went into iTunes or the podcast app and rated/reviewed/subscribed to the podcast so that we can get the ball rolling and climb up the ol’ iTunes charts. If you have Google Play on an Android, please subscribe to the podcast (in both platforms, just search for “bomBARDed”).

Also, you can go ahead and listen to the episode here!