Lindby is an eclectic, five-piece, rock and roll band from Fort Worth, Texas, who all met while studying in the music department at The University of Texas at Arlington. They have a wide range of influences and styles but feel most at home with the simple label of rock and roll, which provides great leeway when exploring the different genres of the world. In addition to writing their own original material, Lindby’s hope is to bring music in all shapes and forms to as many people and through as many means as possible. No matter what kind of music makes up the soundtrack to your life, Lindby has a little something for everyone!

Nick Spurrier

Keyboards, Vocals (Bachelor's of Music in Music Composition)

When Spurrier isn’t tickling the ivories with Lindby, he’e usually off teaching piano, accompanying bands/choirs/orchestras, photographing weddings with his wife, Mel, playing solo gigs, or composing commissions. In his free time, you can find him gaming, listening to podcasts, reading, and hanging out with his two cats: Niles and George.

Nick Goodrich

Guitars, Vocals (Bachelor's of Music in Music Media)

Off of the Lindby stage, you can find Goodrich working on audio/video projects, graphic design, motion graphics, front-end web development, and running sound at his church. In addition to all that biz, he also gets down with some gaming (both of the video and table-top variety); watching Adventure Time, Doctor Who, and Bob’s Burgers with Katie, his wife; reading comics; and listening to audiobooks of all kinds.

Ali Grant-Claset

Vocals, Keyboards (Bachelor's of Music in Music Education)

Teaching all the little children at her elementary school about music is only one of the things Ali does outside of jamming with Lindby. She also enjoys gaming with her hubby, Kyle (nothing like a good season of Rocket League!), listening to Ween, playing piano, and a good, ol fashioned round of D&D!

Kyle Claset

Bass Guitar, Vocals (Master's of Music in Music Theory)

Slapping that bass, with the utmost respect, is only what you see and hear Kyle doing with Lindby. On top of laying down a groove, he is the administrator in a band instrument repair shop, where helps prepare instruments for more intensive repairs. He also helps his wife, Ali, when she has performances at her school. His off-time is spent keeping up the music theory-ness, hanging with the wife and cats, vid-ya and table top games, and listening to whatever he can get his hands on.

Drums / Percussion

The tale of the Lindby drummer has always been a curious and unusual narrative (think the “Defense Against The Dark Arts” position at Hogwarts mixed with Spinal Tap). The dauntless Zach Mayo is performing the studio aspects of the drums and percussion, and live it is a combination of Zach and Pat S. Terry. Both love feeling the rhythm, feeling the rhyme, so come on now, it’s Joby time. Love your drummer!