The Songs of Rest, Mvt. I / Giveaway


With Spurrier still out for this Episode, we play a musical game that was a lot of fun! We also talk about a giveaway we’re doing in during this little off-period while Spurrier recovers, and talk about how YOU can be a part of the next round of the game we’re playing! 

Like & retweet the post we’re putting up on Twitter at around 10am CST on June 26 to be entered in the drawing for some stickers and a signed print of the Chaos Sause Vol. 1 album cover art.

To submit your suggestions for the game we’re playing, use the hashtag #bardlibs on twitter, or tag us, or email your suggestions to

As always, hit up and for more bomBARDed action, and have fun with this episode!

Song of Rest


Hey everyone – on the way to record Episode 20 with us, Spurrier was involved in a car accident. Thankfully he and everyone who was in the wreck are ok, but Spurrier did fracture his clavicle (collarbone) as a result of all the craziness. He’s resting and recovering at home for the time being, and we wanted to let everyone know that he is going to be alright, but that Episode 20 will be a little late. In this announcement-type episode we’ve made though, we do a SONG OF REST for Spurrier in order to hopefully speed up his healing, so give it a listen!

We also have some good news to go along with the not-so-good news. Our website is finally finshed and ready for action! has info about the show, merch, and a whole lot of other goodies waiting for ya, so check it out!

Also, our band, Lindby, was nominated for “Best Pop Act” in the Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards, and if you’d like to vote for us, you can check our name on the ballot HERE (that should go right to the 2nd page where we are listed, and you only have to vote for us if you’d like). Here is a link to the full ballot as well:

Lastly, we do a Mad Libs and perform it as Yashee, Raz’ul, and Splash. It wound up being pretty fun! Anyways, thanks for your patience and if you’d like to send Spurrier a message on the ol social media, you can reach him at @basser26 on Twitter.

Thanks everyone and we’ll keep you updated!

Ep. 19 – One Way or Another


A wild Squid appears! Do you: Fight? Run? Sing? Dance? Scream while they tear apart your very reality and feast on the grey matter inside your dome? Well, we may just find out!